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Friday, February 03, 2006

Ah Friday Night

Oh how I love Friday nights. The next work day seems so far away, and two whole days of carefree living ahead. Hardly seems like only a week since Dream Theater in Singapore, it seems like an age away. Probably something to do with the 19 hours journey back home crammed into a space you would get arrested for keeping the family pet in.

I very much enjoy the odd Bitter & Twisted from Harviestoun Brewery. A crowd of us visited the brewery when it was a a step up from a serious home brew outfit in the back of a barn in Dollar. Now, several years on, not only does it export a lot of beer, but the sad news of last week, it that it has been bought up by Caledonian brewery. At least it is a traditional brewery, based in Scotland, and not a major 'buy up every beer and only keep making the crap bland stuff' outift.

Harviestoun was started by Ken Brooker, who worked for Ford in Daggenham, and decided at the age of 40 he has half dead and needed to do something else with his life. Well 19 years, and some very nice beer later, the company just fetched £1M, and he is retiring. Not a bad career change.


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