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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Day 5 - Pireus (Athens)

(This post is Work In Progress as I pull all the information and pictures together)

Ah the Acropolis where the Parthenon is . . Stephen Fry eat your heart out.

After what seemed like endless discussions with a local taxi drivers wanting to offer tours (at 120 Euro for 4 hours) or equally expensive taxi rides into Athens, we walked the 3 Km to the train station and got an all day pass for 8 Euro each. If you want to do this, expect a price of closer to 80 euros with the expectation of 'tips' if you like the tour. at least that's how low I got him to before deciding that with the poor exchange rate, £80 was still too much and gave up. The walk took about 40 minutes, but we did get slightly lost towards the end. Basically continue around eth coast till you reach a pedestrian bridge that crosses teh road, take this and you are at teh station. The train journey from Pireus took about 20 minutes to a stop called Monastiraki on the same line. From there it was a short walk to reach the Acropolis, just in time for an almighty downpour. Entry is free for children and XX Euro for Adults, but this also gets you into many other Athens attractions.


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