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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

AIDA the reality - Molto Noioso

OK, I heard about how impressive AIDA was supposed to be, and with 500 performers involved in the production in Barcelona, it should have been doubly so, but, well, no . .

Well, if I'm really really honest, it was dire. I'm no opera buff, so that might have had something to do with it, but of 4 of us there, 3 had nodded off at leat once by the second aria. I was hopping it was a lullaby, to at least excuse some of the snoring. A combination of 1 or 2 people looking tiny in the middle of a massive stage about 1/4 mile away singing some rather dreary songs in an language I don't speak is hardly entertaining. Even the sight of several hundred people marching down the temple steps rather gingerly, and singing some more dreary songs en-masse did little to lift the occasion. A small group in the cheap seats stood, cheered and shouted "BRAVO!" at the top of their voices at one point. I think they must have seen this kind of reaction on TV somewhere. They only did it once . . . pity . . .

After 90 minutes, and the 'big finish' was reached with lots of static people on stage, and we grabbed our coats and headed for the exit (not the first I might add), only to quickly realise that it was only the interval. About another 100 or so people had the same idea of make-believe it was all over as we all headed for the metro back to town.
Well as they say, been there done that (at least for the first half anyway), didn't buy the T-Shirt, but unlikely to try it again.

BTW - Did I say it was very DULL ?

Anyway I've now learned a new phrase in Italian - Molto Noioso - which means Very Boring, so it wasn't a total waste.

Thanks to Jem Godfrey for finding the 'dull' pictures - see his excellent blog at:


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