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Monday, April 24, 2006

G8 World Leaders Cost Me 75 quid!

The culprits (I think Putin was taking the photo)

Damn the G8! After untold chaos around the area we live in last year, we only just found that this year it is to be held in Putin's home town of St. Petersburg. No problem there I hear you cry, but for the fact that we had booked a cruise to the Baltic capitals about 6 months ago that spends 2 days in St. Petersburg right bang in the weekend of the summit!

Talk of possible port closures, which could mean missing out St. Petersburg altogether, or at best several of the buildings of interest have already been closed for meetings and private viewings by the wives of the leaders would mean missing Peterhof and the Hermitage at least.

After missing out on Stika (the old Russian capital of Alaska) on our cruise last year, we decided rather than take any chances, we moved to the later cruise, leaving later in July. The cruise line still had no idea at all about how they would deal with it. 75 quid change fee for peace of mind. Maybe I should ask them for a tenner each and keep the change.


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