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Tuesday, February 21, 2006

Spot The Difference ?

Now it shouldn't be too hard should it? A black slip-on shoe Vs a brown lace up one. I guess it depends on who and when. At 5am after several refreshements it seems to get more difficult. A certain Mr Robinson, after believing at 5am, that another beer is a good idea, and my mini-bar is the place to find one decides also that removing his shoes is also another of his bright ideas. All of these ideas are followed within about 10 nano-seconds by the sound of snoring from the very same Mr Robinson, who is eventually woken and dispatched off to his room.

Next morning, I find a pair of Brown lace-up shoes on the floor. Smiling widely, I call to find out how many pairs of shoes he has. Two he says, but can't find his Brown ones. Five minutes later, I get a call to ask me if I own a pair of black slip on shoes which have appeared in his bedroom as if by magic!

It all goes to show, never trust your eyesight at 5am, especially where so many beers are involved.


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