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Tuesday, February 21, 2006


Back after a week in Barcelona, 4 at the 3GSMWC exhibition (mobile phones and network show) followed by a weekend with a friend and our wives.

After all the hype over pick pockets and general theft in the city, I've never been somewhere before where I viewed every passer buy as a potential thieving b. The general state of alert must have worked, given as far as I can tell I didn't lose anything while there.

We did see some potential pickpockets, but more of the non-subtle kind give one of our group the once over. Stopping to tie a loose shoelace at about 2am, two girls jumped out of the alleyway, breasts thrust forward, and while their 'victim' was in a state of shock, went through any pockets they could find. If you wish to experience this type of criminal activity, try the area of La Ramblas nearest the port. Unfortunately the two of us who were with this guy couldn't help him at all for laughing :O). Oh, and they didn't get anything on account of our 'put everything in your front trouser pockets' trick.

Maybe they just mistook our buddy for Prince Charles, like this girl in New Zealand last year.

Anyway lots of Cava, pulpo and general tapas later, interspersed with visits to La Sagrada Famillia (the oldest construction site in the world), Park Guell and Barcelona Cathedral (the largest scafold site in the world) it was time to get back to reality on Sunday.

More to come . . .


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