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Saturday, August 26, 2006

Evil Juice

A couple of weekends ago I was sitting at the bar in a mexican resturaunt minding my own business as a few folks gathered near me to celebrate a birthday. I later found that it was Malcolm (very non Singaporean name) and he was 39. Anyway Malcolm and his wife had a shot each of Tequila from an evil looking jar that was full of Chili peppers. This was followed by about 6 glasses of ice water, though Malcolm's wife turned distinctly white and dissapeared to the ladies for over half an hour. So Malcolm's fun filled friend decides the lone guy sitting next to them at the bar should join in this merriment. Now I'm rarely one to turn down a challenge, but I tell you, that jar looked decidedly evil. It had the look of something you would see in a hall of anatomy, some spare body parts preserved in formaldahyde. So I say, only if you join me, at which point it doesn't seem such a fun idea any longer. Five minutes of discussion later we both downed a class of this stuff. It wasn't too bad . . at first. I sat there smiling, while his face got redder and redder before he reached for the ice water and downed several glasses. I eventually succumbed and took some water, but it just seemed to make it hotter. After 5 minutes I felt a warm glow all down my insides. I think a glass of paint stripper would have had the same effect. Even the bartender who poured the glasses said his fingers were burning from this stuff. Apparently they make this themselves. Over 50 chilis in a jar, filled up with Tequila, ouch!

So if you ever find yourself alone in a Mexican resturaunt, avoid the birthday party crowd, or you might just end up taking the Chili Tequila challenge.


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