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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Day 4 - Party Time (and Storm time again)

Ah well it was too good to last. We hit another storm, and are back up to force 12 winds and high seas once again. This time although it is off the scale, it is way less fierce than the first one and more people are able to find ways to walk at 45 degrees and change angles with the ship. I am convinced we will fall over as soon as we step on land again.

We ate in Indigo (like Impressions on the Dawn) last night. We both had scallops to start, followed by cauliflower soup and a duck noodle salad, then we both had beef stroganoff with big wide pasta strips. One of the deserts was fabulous, a hazelnut soufflé which the waitress then cut open to pour Cointreau flavoured crème Anglaise into Mmmmm. We went to the show, it was OK, nothing special. A lot of very tall beautiful girls kicking their legs in the air. I guess it is harder than it looks because one of them at the end of the row fell over at one point. I don’t know why the Jean Ann Ryan company insist in having some east European gymnast hanging from the ceiling suspended by some bed sheets for whatever reason. The show was supposed to be the history of showgirl dancers, but any story was lost on me. Both the singers were good though.


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