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Saturday, June 03, 2006

Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp

Well, I've seen everything now. The land that brought you Summer Camps for the kids, with chainsaw wielding maniacs, and dodgy councillors, now brings you a camp for adult rock fans!

Imagine 5 days in the company of the likes of Jon Anderson, Joe Satriani, Dr. John or Roger Daltry. Jam within various bands including the pros. Get councilling from a list of well established rock artists. Perform in a battle of the bands on the last night in a venue like BB King's in New York.

I'd never heard of it before, but apparently it's been featured in episodes of Ellen and The Simpsons. So forget about the hair loss, the expanding waistline, the sagging butt and the one or two additional chins aquired along the way, you'll fit right in with some of these old geezers. It's time to revisit your youth and take air guitar to a whole new level.

This can all be yours for a mere $8,499 PLUS your hotel and flights for 5 nights. Register here to go to rock and roll Disneyland with Mr Olias of Sunhillow himself Jon Anderson, and Joe Satriani in August in New York.


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