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Saturday, May 20, 2006

New York Suite arrives

The special edition second CD companion to Magenta's Home just dropped thorugh the letter box. As hinted, it is more progressive than most of Home, and stands well as a 40+ minute piece. It follows the main character from Home, and her time in Manhattan, before she heads off again to Chicago and beyond.

On listening to this, the decision to move this material out of the main CD was absolutely the right thing to do. It stands well on it's own, but I don't feel it would have sat well within the rest of home. The style of home flows so well from start to finish without this extra material. The only exception would have been the reprise of This Life, which makes the point of having to move on yet again from New York, but without some subtly different lyrics, it wouldn't have added much to the original work.

How could anyone ever have doubted you Rob :O)


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