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Monday, May 15, 2006

Home - What a cracking album

Still working on a full review of the new Magenta album Home, for publication this week, but already it's a cracking, beautiful album. So much emotion and dynamics in the overall work, it is sure to surpass the praise even Seven received.

Production is superb. A very clean and natural sound, with great dynamics, not over compressed, and no obvious clipping from what I can hear so far. This is WAY better than many mainstream releases I've listened to lately. Great work Rob !!

This album does several key things for Magenta. Not only does it take a huge gamble in moving from lengthy very proggy numbers to many shorter pieces, linked by a storyline, and even several ballads, it simply showcases the writting and performing talents of Rob Reed, and the vocals of Christina, which unbelievably continue to get better.

This is an album that will have wider appeal than previous releases, and is likely to even cross-over somewhat to non-prog audiences. It is more accessible for those who don't like their music more than 4 minutes in length (even if a few tracks are longer than this), but retains enough of the melodic prog influences to keep the die hards happy. There are sections which clearly hit at influences such as Mike Oldfield, Yes and Genesis in here, even Elton John when he did some semi-prog kind of stuff in the 70s.

So stay tuned any readers out there for a full review coming soon. (How do you tune to a web site? Maybe I should say stay surfed)


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