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Friday, May 19, 2006

My Sweet Lordi

I still have a passing interest in Eurovision, more from a long lost missconception that I could write something better than the JingleVision music on offer. Now I can finally sit back in the knowledge that someone has taken Eurovision well and truly to the kind of place Jeremy Beadle would if he were to make an episode called You've Been EuroFramed. I'm sure one half of Finland is chuckling as I type, and the other half are looking for their crucifixes, bringing the kids inside and putting garlic on their front doors. Lordi went through in the semi-final last night literally with a Monsters of Rock performance of "Hard Rock Hallelujah", including more makeup than an episode of Dr Who, a 9 foot set of folding winds, and the obligitory fireworks kitted guitars. This is the first time Finland have reached the final.

Well, you can't have enough prosthetics in rock I say. It makes Kiss look like a girl band, and probably has Peter Jackson wishing he was more involved in the music scene. If ever there was a reason to watch EuroVision, this must be it. Anyway, they get my vote, Rock On Lordi!!

See: Lordi Home Page and Finnish Entry Page for more info


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