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Thursday, December 07, 2006

Day 5 - Chocolate day

The show tonight was very good. Jeri Sager performed a lot of songs from Chicago, Cats, Les Miserable and Cabaret. The band leader on the ship Alan Lees and most of the musicians on his band are the same as on the Dream this summer in the Baltics. They did a great job of accompanying her.

Dinner was at the Mexican again after looking at the Shabu Shabu (Mongolian Hot Pot) menu and the Lotus Garden menu and finding them a bit uninteresting to be honest.

The chocoholics buffet was on tonight a bit earlier than usual at 10:00-11:30. I didn’t think it was as spectacular as some we have seen on other NCL ships as there seemed less chocolate models around, and more chocolate cake and everything else chocolate to eat. It was also in the Garden Café buffet area where the lights were on full rather than dimmed to spotlight the ice and chocolate sculptures.

We went to a late night comedy show with Lenny Windsor in eth Spinnaker lounge, and it was standing room only, and not a lot of that. Lenny is from England and had a few TV shows on BBC and London Weekend Television in the 70s. He also was a script writer for Benny Hill. He was very funny, and even my wife liked him, and she hated Benny Hill.


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