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Friday, December 08, 2006

Day 6 - The sun shows it’s face (but only briefly)

The sun showed its smiley face briefly today for the first time in a while. Even though the temperature is only in the low 70s it still feels very warm in the sun since we are much further south than at home. It is still cloudy, so it pops in and out now and again to say hello. I am sitting on the balcony typing this, after wiping all the salt off the chair. We walked around deck 13 this morning after breakfast for the first time since it re-opened. There is a large basketball court and tennis courts at the back, as well as the climbing wall behind the funnel. We saw one guy climb to the top of the ‘easy’ green side, then struggle about 1/3 the way up the second harder green route on the right. The next guy got stuck half way up the easy route and then wouldn’t let go for a while to let the rope man lower him down! Must be scarier than it looks.

A new Jean Ann Ryan show premiered tonight called The Garden of the Geisha. I take back all I said about the acrobat people. The show focused on them and told a love story of two young people in Japan that were forced to be apart, but of course at the end they get to be together. There was some very spectacular and beautiful flying stunts, and the small girl even held the guy by his hands as they flew over the stage about 30 feet up, no harness or safety net at all The set was very impressive too, and was designed by the person who created the American Idol set.

We ate our meal in Le Bistro tonight and it was very good as usual. We have eaten in the Bistro several times on the Dream and the Dawn before now, and always made the same selection each time, but now the menu has changed. We took the ‘Tasting Menu’ for two and had the Chateaubriand (a large piece of beef that is cut up at your table), the alternative main course being the rack of lamb. Pate de Foie Gras to start, then French onion soup is part of the set menu. For desert, we had crème brulee. It was bit over fussy with added cream and a raspberry on top as well as a scalloped biscuit. The topping could have been a bit crunchier. The tasting menu comes with a chocolate soufflé as desert, but this takes 15-20 minutes to prepare and we weren’t feeling all that hungry by this point. We waddled off to the Spinnaker lounge for the Quest game show.


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