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Saturday, December 09, 2006

Day 7 - Nearly There

Never thought I’d be reporting on the Pacific Spa, but today we tried out the Rasul. This is a treatment for two that takes place in a private timed sauna. It is based on a South American wedding ritual. It starts with an exfoliating lime and ginger salt scrub which you apply to each other in an aromatherapy sauna. Relaxing music plays in the sauna as the steam starts to fill the room. After about 15 minutes multiple shower heads start to provide the ‘tropical rainstorm’ effect to clean off the salt. Your skin already feels very soft after this stage. The second is the same cycle but using a detoxification mud, once again applied to each other, as well as a face mask. I’ve never been in anything other than a normal sauna and never had any type of spa treatment, but this was very relaxing, and I would thoroughly recommend it.


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