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Sunday, December 10, 2006

Day 8 - Tubez

We went to the new bridge viewing room that is behind the bridge on deck 11. You can see the whole bridge from there and watch what is happening (not much really). It is good, since you can’t get any tours of the ship due to security. It was the Captains picture tour of the ship today, much the same as the one he gave on the Dawn when we were there in April this year, but with updated pictures showing the Pearl. He did tell us when answering a question about the hurricane, that he was on the bridge for 3 days during the storm before being able to go back to his cabin! He also showed the white box at the front of the ship, which is to stow the forward radar antenna (the one that spins around), and said that if they hadn’t stowed it, it would definitely have been gone.

We ate in Le Bistro again last night with a few people from cruise critics. I had the prawn and scallop martini (alcohol free), the escargot, watercress and frogs legs soup, the duck a l’orange then the chocolate fondue. Mum had the prawn and scallop martini, the forest mushroom soup, stuffed chicken, and the chocolate fondue.

The last Jean Ann Ryan show was Tubez and was a high action modern dance show with a BMX biker from Las Vegas and the acrobats. The BMX biker was a bit of a disappointment to be honest as he only really went up and down the ramps and did a few twists. The show ended with the NCL ‘family’ song and a stage full of officers and crew.


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